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NeoRejuvenation is a practical method to naturally reverse physical aging at the root.


The subconscious is a powerful biological computer that executes millions of physical processes based on our genetic information.

It is paradoxical, while we apply a cream, our internal computer keeps launching orders to our body to decrease collagen production.  We are not generating any real solution.

No cosmetics can rejuvenate. Diets and studies on their effects change every year, DNA does not.

NeoRejuvenation is the first practical method that addresses physical appearance and well-being at its true root; the subconscious. In a totally natural and safe way. Without products or appliances.



Training begins 02 June

(E-learning) whenever, wherever and at your pace.




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  • Limited number of users for a better experience (Antonio will interact with the participants).
  • Training in English language.
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What will you learn?

direct to the cause

You will learn practical and effective tools to transform subconscious information programs that affect collagen production, hair loss and depigmentation, …


The beliefs, habits and thoughts of our ancestors are imprinted in our DNA. The subconscious executes these information programs automatically. This is what REALLY DETERMINES our present and future physical appearance.

Thousands of years ago, which is the blink of an eye in evolutionary terms, life expectancy was no more than 40 years. People were concerned about eating twice a day, not getting sick from any trifle and ensuring the continuity of the species, not about their appearance or quality of life.

This is why the human body slows down collagen production at a certain age. The subconscious launches ‘that order’. It is not accidental. In its memories it is ‘engraved’ that it is not necessary to produce more collagen at X age and it devotes its energy to activate other processes related to senescence.

This is the case with hundreds of symptoms related to aging: hair loss and depigmentation, wrinkles, lack of flexibility, accumulation of fat and liquids, …

In the last 100 years such advances have been made in medicine, technology, food, … that our DNA has not had time to reflect this progress, we now live more than 80 years, however the subconscious continues to run programs based on the memories stored in the DNA of other generations, with tastes and needs different from today.



Through precise exercises of contraction-relaxation of the muscles and bones of the face, you can restore the facial oval in a completely natural way, reversing: dark circles, wrinkles, loss of volume, …


The training includes learning the Neorejuvena Facial technique.

The muscles and bones of the face is what supports and outlines the entire facial oval and our appearance, from the age of 40 (sometimes before), the structure of our face (bones and muscles) tends to deteriorate (semi-atrophied). This leads to bags, dark circles, wrinkles, flaccidity, loss of volume, …

This cannot be repaired by any cosmetic product. Neither can facial massages.

Performing the NeoRejuvena Facial exercises 3 or 4 times a week, comfortably from home, for 15 or 20 minutes is enough. You will have access to all the video tutorials, explained in detail by Antonio Moll.

The results are visible in the first 30 days, generating a visible and drastic change in the entire face with sustained practice.


During the training you will learn how to test which foods and supplements are compatible with your DNA and which are not, beyond beliefs or fads.


You will understand how the subconscious converts what we ingest into energy; how and why the accumulation of fat or liquids occurs.



Cosmetics are only useful in terms of preservation, they cannot rejuvenate and will only be beneficial if we know how to apply active ingredients compatible with our DNA.


Within the training, Antonio Moll, dedicates an exclusive module, explaining which active ingredients are compatible with our DNA and which are not. You will also learn very simple routines to cleanse your face and test for yourself which products are accepted by your subconscious, and therefore can benefit you.

In recent years there has been a proliferation of cosmetic products that ‘promise’ to reactivate collagen production. No cream or serum, regardless of price, has that ability. It is totally false. Some modern cosmetics are not even compatible with our DNA and therefore, the subconscious, as a protective measure, repels them. There are millions of people spending thousands of euros a year on products in vain.

Exfoliation and derived products (natural or not) is a clear example of how to generate a sustained deterioration. This process is simply not compatible with our DNA.

Neo Rejuvenation does not sell any product. Antonio Moll acts independently, assessing only, from an anthropological point of view, which actives and processes are currently compatible with our DNA.


Furniture, clothing, … contain non-visible information; an electromagnetic field of their own. Some objects have a negative impact on our subconscious, hindering a deep and regenerative rest.


You will learn which objects may be causing you discomfort at home and how to mitigate effects related to environmental conditions of low compatibility with our DNA.


“Time does not age, what ages us are the beliefs and subconscious information programs that we have generated around this magnitude, part of that information is inherited, another is self-generated and the remaining comes from the outside (food, supplements, habits), this is easily verifiable.” 

This training undoes hundreds of confusions and myths about human aging, providing practical solutions; it is the fruit of 15 years of experience, research, passion and observation.”


“I realize that I have not ‘aged’ in the way that most people’s commonly accepted beliefs reflect. Totally intuitively, when I was 27 years old I decided inwardly to ‘do it my way’ and not see the passage of time reflected in my body as it was supposed to happen, I also developed a great interest and expertise in techniques little known in Spain for natural (not cosmetic) skin ‘rejuvenation’.”



Antonio Moll was born in 1979. Shaken by a severe depression he abandoned his successful business career in 2016, months later he deeply connected with the teachings of Ho’opoponopono and founded the Being One Forum event.

From nothing and in a few weeks Antonio gets the ‘Yes’ of 16 best-sellers from all over the world to the bewilderment of the industry, Being One becomes the largest personal and spiritual growth event in Europe.

In 2017 and 2018 it makes history by bringing together in Spain some of the most influential spiritual teachers and personal development best-sellers of this century, including: Daniel Goleman, Gregg Braden, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jorge Bucay, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Neale Donald Walsch, Neale Donald Walsch, Anita Moorjani, Jeff Foster, Joe Vitale, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Don Miguel Ruiz, Mabel Katz, Robin Sharma, Marianne Williamson, Mooji, Emmanuel Dagher or Michael Beckwith.

In 2019 he shares his experiences and learnings by giving lectures for more than 20,000 people in America and Europe.

In 2020, Antonio dedicates his energy to deepen his well-being by delving into the release of subconscious information, the result of which is born the training that bears the name; Ho’oponopono Hou, bringing together thousands of participants in 10 countries.

In 2021, he creates NeoRejuvenation, fruit of his experience and passion for human development.


All tools and techniques are oriented to achieve visible results, noticeable in the first 30 days.


NeoRejuvenation does not require any external product or agent, it is 100% safe and natural.


It is recommended for people over 21 years of age, there is no age limit.



Is any prior knowledge necessary?

No, none. All the contents and practices of NeoRejuvenation are applicable to anyone regardless of their previous knowledge. The training is based on practical, effective and simple processes. At all times there is a support area so that you can consult any aspect related to NeoRejuvenation.

Is NeoRejuvenation safe?

Yes. We will gain greater knowledge, control and understanding of mental and bodily processes to obtain optimal regeneration in a natural way.

Is it necessary to buy any product for this training?

No, the techniques and tools included in NeoRejuvenation do not require the purchase of any product or supplement. They are based on the body’s natural processes.

What does the training include and how does it work?

– You can complete the training at your own pace, without fixed schedules, from home. All you need is a computer or smartphone.

– The course runs over 7 weeks, you will have access to all materials for 1 year.

It includes:

7 Modules accompanied by Video where Antonio Moll explains clearly and directly the method (+ 8 hours). English language training: the voices of the videos are dubbed and subtitled in english.

Ebook: Unpublished and exclusive content in PDF format (+ 200 pages) with all the practical information. EBook available in English.

Exclusive support with Antonio Moll, from your user panel at any time.

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Training begins 02 June

(E-learning) whenever, wherever and at your pace 

Total price: $420 $300

(SAVE $120. Valid until 27 May, or sold out)

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Sergio (Barcelona) 

The truth is that it has been an incredible training!!!!
I have been a person who has never taken care of myself and now I have noticed and continue to notice physical changes (I have lost 10 kg of weight without much effort) especially in the face, so great, that my wife is hallucinating.
Thank you, Antonio! Keep it up because you are doing a lot of good to humanity and promoting a change of consciousness that was about time.


Maggie F. (Encino, CA)

I have understood more than I have in 30 years of reading the verbiage of books that repeat the same thing over and over again. The experience fills you with joy. I have become me again, and the most important thing is that it works! A jewel Antonio.


Marian F. (Zaragoza)

I loved the training, Antonio explains everything in a very clear and detailed way, opening our mind, making us see that everything is energy and how far our beliefs go. It seems to me a very complete and very necessary training for anyone. Thanks Antonio and thanks to all the team.


Cristina S. (Aragón)

It is difficult for me to express what I have obtained with this training, because it is so much and so good, that it has transformed my way of seeing myself and taking care of myself, and how wrong we are with the information we all had until now.
About Antonio…he is a person with so much passion when it comes to transmitting, that allows you to understand everything.thank you very much Antonio, for this gift of life!!!!!


Udi (Bizkaia)

I found the course innovative, groundbreaking and at the same time very logical. I loved it. About Antonio, a great teacher, he clearly transmits his experience and everything is very well understood being such a controversial subject. Delighted!


 Susana (Barcelona)

Thank you Antonio, with this training, I feel very good internally and physically. It is clear to me that if you feel good internally it shows physically and working daily on the facial exercises is very powerful. You can see a very positive change in the physique.
I thank you infinitely


Rosa Maria G. (Mijas)

Thank you for sharing all your information Antonio, this Neo Rejuvenation course has been very satisfying for me, I have been able to learn a lot from all the training and most importantly experience it with myself on my skin, the exercises have been brutal and I notice a lot of changes in my face, apart from taking new habits and routines with vitamins, creams, oils, etc … I’m so happy. Thank you so much.


Ana (Palencia)

I have done the Hooponopono hou and Neorejuvenation training with Antonio and both have been great.
Antonio trains from his experience, with a clear language. Very well explained and with questions at the end of his exposition. I recommend him one hundred percent.


María M. (Miami, FL)

Antonio is a great teacher, he explains everything very coherently and entertaining. I loved it. I don’t think I had ever felt so good with my body before. When they tell you how to do it, it changes everything.