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I am a passionate advocate of science, technology, and medicine as drivers of human progress.

I am still surprised when I hear or read some people firmly and superficially state; “there is no evidence” or “the experts assure”. The scientific community is composed of millions of professionals worldwide, it is very broad, and it is difficult for them to align on the same conclusion or response, except in widely verified principles. On the other hand, there are almost 50 branches or fields considered today as “science”, that is, the analysis of certain aspects of what happens to us or happens around us is multifactorial, leading to numerous varied conclusions and opinions.

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That said, I observe that part of the population holds the belief that Science is the cause of what happens on this planet or in the Universe, but the objective reality is different; Science is a way of studying and exploring that allows us to understand in detail the causes and origins of what happens and happens to us, this allows us to remedy problems or progress in different areas.

This training, which has an educational and informative objective, seeks to provide a holistic response to what happens to us, specifically in the field of personal well-being / rejuvenation / beauty, and is based on my analysis of scientific, empirical, anthropological studies, and other areas of human knowledge, in addition to my own experience (which is subjective) and the exchange of information with professionals from different fields.

Over the past two years, thousands of people from more than 50 countries have participated in this training, some of them even surpassing my own expectations in terms of their progress and results. But I also want to emphasize that just like in any other field where the human factor is involved, I cannot offer any 100% guarantee of success or results to anyone, just as no medication, doctor, treatment, therapy, teacher, or professional in any field related to education can. It would be irresponsible on my part; considering that each person is a unique set of constantly evolving information that interacts with thousands of data every day.

What I can guarantee is that I have put all my knowledge, thousands of hours of research, self-experimentation, dedication, passion, and love into this project, which I hope to share with you.

Antonio Moll, author of NeoRejuvenation.

Scientific Basis & Bibliography

These examples illustrate the vast and varied scientific basis that supports some of the claims and methodologies of NeoRejuvenation, integrating knowledge from multiple disciplines to offer a holistic approach.

Influence of the Subconscious on Physical Appearance

Studies by Bargh and Chartrand (1999) and Wilson (2002) highlight how subconscious processes influence behavior and physical appearance.

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Kahneman (2011) in “Thinking, Fast and Slow” explores the processes of fast and automatic (subconscious) thinking and its impact on our everyday decisions and actions. Damasio’s (1999) research delves into how emotions and the body contribute to the formation of consciousness, highlighting the interconnection between mind and body in self-perception*.

Limited Capacity and Superficiality of Cosmetics and Potential Risks

Studies such as Lupo’s (2001) criticize the limited effectiveness of peptides in cosmetics, highlighting their inability to penetrate deeply into the skin.

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Kligman (2000) questions the creation of the “cosmeceuticals” category and the scientific evidence behind these products. Lee and Shin (2016) analyze the limited absorption of topical steroids, suggesting that many active ingredients in cosmetics may not be effective. These studies underline the need for realistic expectations and improved delivery systems for topical treatments*.

Efficacy of Facial Exercises in Rejuvenation Processes

Research by Paolillo and Borba (2015) and Gullette (2005) supports the effectiveness of facial exercises for rejuvenation, showing significant improvements in skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction.

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These studies present solid evidence on how regular exercises can maintain skin youthfulness, reinforcing their inclusion in non-invasive facial rejuvenation regimens*.

Change of Beliefs, Neural Connections, and Neuroplasticity

Doidge (2007) and Schwartz and Begley (2002) explore how neuroplasticity allows the brain to change its structure and function throughout life, influenced by changes in beliefs and the environment.

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Research by Draganski et al. (2004) demonstrates how training and acquiring new skills can change the brain’s grey matter. These studies show the brain’s potential to reorganize and adapt, emphasizing the importance of environment and mindset in neurological health*.

Atoms and Matter

The work of Krauss in “A Universe from Nothing” and Feynman’s lectures reveal that atoms are almost entirely composed of empty space.

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These fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics explain why matter is not as solid as it seems. Research from CERN and other particle physics centers confirms that the nucleus occupies a tiny portion of the atom’s volume, with the electron cloud occupying the rest of the space*.

Principles of Chemistry and Information Interaction

Lehn (2002) and Whitesides and Boncheva (2002) explore how supramolecular chemistry and molecular self-organization enable the formation of complex structures through the interaction of chemical information.

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Nicolis and Prigogine (1977) discuss how chemical systems can self-organize and generate order through informational fluctuations. These studies highlight how molecular interaction can lead to the creation of complex structures and systems, fundamental to life*.

Body Recomposition

Blundell and Tremblay (1995) and Poobalan and Aucott (2016) review the impact of exercise and dietary interventions on appetite control and energy balance.

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Hu and Willett (2002) discuss optimal dietary patterns for the prevention of heart diseases, while Ludwig (2000) analyzes the glycemic index and its implications for health. These studies provide a solid foundation for understanding the relationship between diet, exercise, and overall health*.

Rest and Regeneration

Becker and Selden (1985) in “The Body Electric” explore the impact of electromagnetic fields on biological systems, supporting the claim that the invisible information of objects can affect health.

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Bell and Baldwin (2003) review the impact of domestic electromagnetic fields on health, aligning with the influence of these fields on the subconscious and rest. These studies underscore the importance of environmental factors in health and well-being*.

*For more information, we encourage readers to delve deeper into the studies mentioned here through online search engines or on the websites of the sources themselves. The sources mentioned here are independent and do not collaborate with NeoRejuvenation LLC or the author.


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